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Women's Moon Lodge Healing Retreats

What is a Moon Lodge?

For many hundreds of years, our grandmothers and their grandmothers, generations of women before us, honored their monthly menstrual cycles by retreating into what the Native American women called the "Moon Lodge". The powerful pull of the moon upon the earth controls not only the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides, but also the ebb and flow of the menstrual blood. The Dark Moon began the women's entry into the Moon Lodge and as the New Moon appeared, many women congregated there.

There, women would gather monthly to reflect, share in each other's wisdom and experience, and rejuvenate themselves for the next monthly cycle of their lives. Women of child-bearing ages were cared for by the older aunts, mothers, and grandmothers. Children and families were attended to by those outside the Moon Lodge. Inside the Moon Lodge was a safe haven for women to relax and be themselves while sharing in the timeless wisdom handed down through the ages. Dreams were imagined, secrets were told, and all parts of the female creation were accepted without judgment. Women emerged after a few days in the Moon Lodge refreshed and invigorated by the time spent with their blood sisters. The daily needs of their families and the demands of life seemed a little easier. New ideas and creative energies born in the Moon Lodge were unleashed, benefiting all members of their communities. Young women wondered about the secrets of the Moon Lodge and looked forward with excitement to the time they would be able to enter. Their first menstrual cycle would be a grand celebration where they would be ushered into womanhood in a rite of passage they would never forget. They would pass this ceremony down to their daughters and grand-daughters. Women would be reminded of their created order as those who bring new life to the earth and nourish it to bear fruit.

They would all celebrate in the joys of mothering and nurturing and teach each other the secrets to a long and healthy life.

Sadly, most of our modern day mothers have no remembrance of the Moon Lodge or even a celebration of the beginning of their entry into womanhood. By then, the most powerful force responsible for re-creating life on earth had become known as "The Curse". Women entered into an era where they began to disrespect their cycles and dislike their bodies' natural processes. PMS became an expected ailment requiring some sort of medical or over-the-counter treatment. It was the beginning of the end of women taking control over their own bodies. They no longer honored or respected the natural rhythms of life. The cost of losing this connection to how we were created has been increasing female health problems including infertility, birthing difficulties, sexual dysfunction, and depression.

Creating Our Moon Lodge Experience

In an attempt to educate women about the importance of this sacred monthly ritual, I have created a quarterly Moon Lodge healing retreat for women of all ages. They coincide with the beginning of each season's New Moon as closely as possible. They are currently being held at Cape Disappointment State Park on the southern end of the Long Beach Peninsula on the Washington coast. Accommodations are in heated Yurts, each with its own fire pit, within a block of the beach. The roar of the ocean can be heard from inside the Yurts. All meals, snacks, and refreshments are provided. Hot showers are available. Each season provides a unique background for the creative exercises designed to connect women to the heavens and the earth, to themselves, and to each other. There is teaching time, reflective time, and creative time interspersed throughout each day. Check in is 4:00 PM the first day, and check-out is 1:00 PM on the third day. Activities are planned for all three days of the Moon Lodge experience. Cost is $345.00 per person early bird special and $395.00 after that.

Since the Moon Lodge time is most rewarding with 6-12 women, please contact me to arrange a time for you and your group.

Schedules will depend on the number of women attending. Contact me for open times and seasons.


Although we may not be able to enter the Moon Lodge as often as we like, these retreats give you the wisdom and tools you need to create your own monthly Moon Lodge experiences, wherever you are in your life cycle. I hope to see you there soon. Please see the testimonies of some of the women who have attended the Moon Lodge retreats.

             Moon glow sister and "crone"


I never expected the Winter Moon Lodge to be such a transforming experience. The darkness allowed me to go deep into my soul and the nurturing provided by you and the other women made it safe. I discovered my Shadow and learned things about myself I had never been aware of. When I came home, I felt more peaceful inside and purposed in my intent. I know I have a purpose and I am excited to follow this path God has me on now. I can't wait to do another Moon Lodge. S.L.

I've led and attended dozens of women's retreats in my life and career as a Healer. Yours was an amazing experience for me. I came away with a feeling of connection to the Earth, God and Spirit and the Divine Feminine in a powerful way. I would recommend the Moon Lodge retreat to any woman wanting to discover more about herself and her destiny. S.T.

I went to the Autumn Moon Lodge with an open mind and heart. I was looking forward to learning new things about myself. What I didn't know was all the insight and transformation I would receive in the process. God met me there in a profound way. I was able to reflect on my life, release unhealthy things that hindered me, and come home with a renewed mind, body, and spirit. I'm so excited about all these changes. B.H.

 Summer Moon Lodge was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped and prayed it would be. It was the perfect opportunity to practice the introspection that has been so healing and important in my life.  We were given a wonderful chance to grow personally but also to practice being an active member of a community of women. It meant so much to be able to share my heart with them and know that I was being heard and embraced. In return, I got to open my heart as a listener to the lives of those same women. Being at the ocean allowed me to connect with God in exactly the ways that he has uniquely wired me, and I was given clarity on the life passions I need to be pursuing. As a result of participating in the creative activities at the Moon Lodge, I have been able to accept and even celebrate the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.  L.M.

My first Moon Lodge…
Tranquil, nurturing, and slowing.
My senses came to life.
I was able to breathe, sleep, and feel.
I drew closer to my true self.
I'll never be the same.
I love you. Thank you. P.S.

This was my second autumn Moon Lodge experience and once again, I received a deep soul level "filling". I am learning more and more how to connect to this "filling" in my everyday life but that ability has come from experience and teaching I get while connecting at the moon lodge. There is just nothing like it. I know how vital it is for those of us women raising children to get replenished and keep ourselves as full as possible for our children.
May God bless you richly for what you pour out to us.  J.M.

Thank you for providing such a safe and nurturing environment where I could allow myself to feel so vulnerable and honest. My intention was to accept that I will never have the mother that I want. Even writing this now brings a tear to my eyes but now I can accept this. The tools offered to me at the Moon Lodge let me "prune off" what was not helping me and receive the nurturing I needed to feed my soul. I really do feel lighter and carry a new sense of peace inside. People I've talked to say that my voice even sounds different and I feel more available and present with my daughter and husband. Now I know I have a wonderful healing place to go when I feel stuck in the mud of helplessness. Thanks again for helping me to feel nurtured and teaching me how to use the healing tools that are available to me on a daily basis.  L.D.

After attending the Autumn Moon Lodge, I returned to my daily routine with a new and abundant source of energy. So much wisdom was offered to me that I had never been aware of before. I felt safe and supported, free to express and release deep hurts that had been weighing me down. I felt connected to the ocean, the earth and to God. It was truly a privilege to be present with women in the way were meant to connect with ourselves and each other. C.K.

This was my 4th Moon Lodge. Once again, the time spent on the beach helped me get in touch with another layer of sorrow and the tears I needed to shed to facilitate the healing of my broken heart. Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom, preparing the yurts to welcome us, and guiding us on our spiritual journey to a healthy body/mind. T.B.

Moon Lodge Autumn Testimonials

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Women's Moon Lodge Ocean Retreats

Reflect, Release and Renew

A workshop for women to intimately connect with God, nature, and themselves while exploring new spiritual pathways.

A chance for discovering our own natural rhythms and awakening body, heart, and soul through creative interactive exercies.

Accomodation in heated yurts; all food and beverages provided

Cost: $345.00 per person 2 weeks before retreat;

 $395.00 per person after that; 

 $100.00 deposit holds your place; Sorry, No Refunds. 

Sign up by calling 425-888-1670 or e-mail

Space limited to 9 people