Services Offered

Agape Chiropractic Healing Center offers many resources to support the health of children, individuals, and families. Dr. Leslie Bedell is skilled in several low-force, energy based Chiropractic techniques as well as an Advanced Cranial Sacral Practitioner.  A full line of whole food nutritional supplements are available at affordable prices. There is a lending library of health-related books, tapes, and videos for patients to check out.  The Children's Corner is filled with toys and books and the office is very child-friendly, with several hundred kids receiving wellness care for their rapidly developing nervous systems. Dr. Leslie continues to advance her own healing skills by attending seminars and workshops related to all aspects of health and wellness. She attained mastery in advanced clinical nutrition with Nutrition Response Testing  after completing a 2-year program and graduated in March 2013. She is now able to help her clients address both the viscerosomatic (incoming messages) and the somatovisceral (outgoing messages) in the nervous system, locating areas of interference or organ distress and either provide a Chiropractic adjustment, a specific nutritional protocol or both, depending on the body's needs. Her patients are getting amazing results with problems that they had suffered with for years, including chronic muscoloskeletal pain, digestive challenges, and more. See the link to Patient Testimonials

Dr. Leslie is available for speaking engagements and educational workshops on a wide variety of health and wellness. She enjoys educating members of community groups and service organizations as well as school classes and parent/teacher groups.

Agape Chiropractic Healing Center is pleased to embrace the Wellness Revolution.  As insurance companies have continued to raise their co-pays and deductibles, it has made it less and less affordable for patients and doctors to keep up. Therefore, as of October 1st, 2015, our office no longer files insurance claims, unless it involves PIP coverage following an auto accident.  We will be happy to provide you with a super bill that you can submit to your own insurance company.  Major insurance companies offer only disease coverage and usually don't cover things that actually keep you healthy, like good nutrition, exercise programs, healthy beds, proper ergonomics, sunshine, emotional and spiritual wellness. We have designed an entire range of payment plans that are very affordable and allow individuals and families to maintain their health and wellness, helping to prevent illness and degenerative diseases.  Please contact our office for specifics.