Patient Testimonials

My 7- year old daughter had stomach aches for a year, and terrible, uncomfortable bowel movements. We went the medical route of pediatrician, ultrasound, Tylenol with no results. After 3 weeks of getting tested and doing Dr. Leslie’s nutritional program, her stomach aches are gone and she is having normal, painless bowel movements. I am so grateful to see my little girl healthy and happy!    R.W.

I suffered with constant aching joints including lower back, neck and shoulders. I also had frequent headaches and sinus congestion. Since I found out what foods I wasn’t digesting, and learned how to eat what my body needs, I have been able to get off 2 of the 3 medications that I was regularly taking. I’m feeling emotionally stronger, too.   J.S.
At age 17, I suffered for 5 years with migraines that were steadily getting worse no matter what I did. I was taking Advil daily and having to miss school for a week at a time. Since getting tested by Dr. Leslie and starting a  nutritional program, I haven’t had a migraine. It’s been 4 months now and it feels like a miracle. I honestly thought I would be stuck with migraines the rest of my life. I feel 100% better!   R.S.

I suffered for years with seasonal allergies that were debilitating. I had also not been able to lose weight after my last baby. I had achy joints, bloating and gas, fatigue in the afternoons, foggy brain, mood swings. Dr. Leslie tested me, found out that my body couldn’t handle certain foods, put me on a nutritional program. I’ve lost the weight, my joints don’t hurt, I’m not bloated anymore, and I have more energy. This is the first season that I’ve only sneezed once!           C.B.

When I first came to see Dr. Leslie, I had frequent headaches and sinus pressure as well as gas and bloating every day. I had tried many medical approaches and over-the-counter remedies to no avail. After 3 weeks of getting tested and starting a nutritional program, my headaches are gone and my digestive system is working great, no more gas!   A.R.

I am 81 years old and when I first saw Dr. Leslie, I was on 9 different medications, in constant pain, couldn’t sleep at night, had no strength to climb stairs or open doors. I had undergone many surgeries and was depressed and hopeless. After 2 months of handling the confusion in my nervous system due to the scars and immune challenges with whole food nutrition, I can go up and down the stairs without pain and even open heavy doors. My muscle strength and breathing are much better. I’m sleeping 5-7 hours a night without severe pain. I am excited to see that I can get better even at my age. Now I’m working with my doctor  to get off my meds, one at a time.  I wish I had found Dr. Leslie before I had so many surgeries.    M.Y.

I could not figure out how to lose weight and keep it off. I had tried every diet and exercise program. Until Dr. Leslie tested me, I didn’t know that I was unable to detox heavy metals and chemicals because my liver and kidneys were weak. After starting a detox program and providing whole food nutrition to my detox organs, I am now steadily losing pounds and inches and have more energy than ever.    B.R.

I had suffered with daily nausea, bloating and gas, plantar fasciitis, golfer’s elbow, shoulder pain and toenail fungus for years before getting nutritional response testing with Dr. Leslie.  Now, 2 months later, I don’t have gas and bloating, the pain in my joints is gone, the fungus is clearing up and I’ve lost weight around my waist. I will stay on this program forever!  I feel great!        M.T.

Dr. Leslie’s Personal Health Story

I was first introduced to the therapeutic benefit of whole food supplements in my mid-20’s when I began having female health problems.  I had stopped having monthly periods and had steadily begun to gain weight. Over a couple years, I gained 50 lbs.

One medical doctor told me that I had hormone problems, suggested pharmaceuticals, even a hysterectomy if I didn’t want kids. Another said that I was just under stress. I graduated from college and bought a one-way ticket to Maui to visit a friend.  On a beach, I met a Chiropractor who told me he could see that I had health problems and offered to help for a month. He found areas of nerve interference throughout my spine, affecting not only my female and digestive organs, but also my endocrine system. Upon returning to the mainland, I found another Chiropractor who had special training in nutritional biochemistry. His testing showed that I was severely anemic and protein deficient. He said that my metabolism was so far off that “I would have to run around Lake Tahoe twice to burn off a piece of toast”! I was amazed, since I thought that I ate healthy foods and avoided sugar. I had been a vegetarian for 8 years and had no idea that I was severely nutrient deficient.

After several months of following a specific nutritional program using Standard Process whole food supplements and making some dietary changes, including the addition of organic animal proteins, I resumed my menstrual cycles and lost the 50 pounds. I was impressed enough to go back to college, focus on nutrition and biochemistry and eventually enrolled in chiropractic college.

In the last 30 years, I’ve had other health challenges, seems like each decade I’ve been faced with a new awareness of where my body was dysfunctioning. I’m very thankful that I’ve had the knowledge to know how to help my body heal with whole food nutrition and gentle Chiropractic care.

In my 30’s, I blew out the ACL in my left knee. It healed on its own, with good nutrition, 45 whole-food pills a day and I was skiing again within 6 weeks. In my 40’s, I struggled with aching joints all over my body. I contracted a double parasite infection on a trip to So. Africa, lost 3 sizes of weight in 2 months, could not move my body without crippling pain, and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. A long journey led me to the discovery that I was toxic with heavy metals, mercury, lead, and aluminum. I began two years of de-tox nutrition and homeopathy to help my body release the toxins from my cells and organs. My joint pain slowly began to go away and I regained my strength and energy.

In my mid-50’s, I realized that I had gained weight, being so thankful to be healthier after my parasite infection that I didn’t see it as a problem. I learned about a 3-week Purification and Cleanse program by Standard Process and went to a seminar to learn about it.  I discovered that I was in Phase One of insulin resistance and needed to change my metabolism. After I did the 3 week program, not only did I feel more energy, but also had less joint pain and lost 8 pounds. I had learned about the foods that caused inflammation in my body and decided to avoid them.
Now, nearly 60 years old, I have reached my target weight, 2 sizes healthier; I exercise 6 days a week with no pain, and feel better than I did in my 40’s! I continue to eat the way my body likes, get tested regularly to see which nutritionals I need to support my diet, and share my success with others like you! Aging doesn’t seem so bad now and I’m looking forward to the next decade of my life helping people avoid unnecessary pain, drugs, and surgeries through natural healing methods and whole food nutrition.