What is "Nutrition Response Testing"?


Dr. Leslie has learned and is receiving ongoing training in a very advanced technique known as “Nutrition Response Testing”. This technique utilizes reflexes from the body’s own autonomic nervous system to determine which organs or tissues are under stress and if nutrition can help strengthen them. With her previous training and background in nutrition and biochemistry, she is excited to offer an easy way to design nutrition programs that are unique to each individual’s  specific needs.

Nutrition Response Testing is very different from other nutritional testing because it addresses the barriers to healing that can occur when our bodies are overloaded by chemical toxins, heavy metals, immune challenges, food sensitivities, and scars on the body. We have found that not even the best food sources of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals can be absorbed and utilized by the body if these barriers are not addressed first. This is a major break- through in the field of nutritional healing.

“My own personal health challenges led me to whole food nutritionals 40 years ago but until now, I’ve never had a way to help my patients know exactly which foods and nutritional supplements would help take the stress off their bodies. Most people who spend money on vitamin and mineral supplements have tried dozens of different supplements that either did not help them or only improved their health for short time periods. Now there is an affordable way to actually see and experience the beneficial health changes that the right nutrition can offer.”

Nutrition Response Testing has its roots in Applied Kinesiology and the work of pioneers in the field of energy healing, utilizing the electromagnetic fields of the body and the autonomic nervous system to locate organs in distress. The energy that flows between all organs and parts of the body can be disrupted for a variety of reasons. Energy techniques were once considered “witchcraft” along with many other areas of healing like Acupuncture, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, etc. largely because medical science had no technology to measure the body’s energy fields. But now, instruments exist that can measure the electrical changes in Hz frequencies which occur when organs are under stress and muscle energy techniques are practiced around the world with astonishing results.

Nutrition Response Testing is often called “Designed Clinical Nutrition” because it is specific for each person. A full body scan is performed without the use of any expensive machines, needles or lab work.  During this non-invasive testing, the body itself conveys the areas of weakness through an inability of the patient to “lock” their extended arm against resistance. As one patient told Dr. Leslie, “I love the fact that you are actually interviewing my body to see what it needs instead of me just having to guess and spend money on supplements that I don’t really need.”

“I’m excited to see the positive changes and health improvements my patients are having with this safe and natural technique. People who had given up after trying everything medicine had to offer are finding new hope and healthier lives. Others who want to slow down the aging process by taking the stress off their bodies can know that the money they are spending on food supplements is well worth it because they can feel the difference in their bodies. After the amazing changes I’ve seen in my own health, I personally feel that everyone can achieve optimal and vibrant health and avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery by removing the barriers to healing and finding the right nutrition program for them.”