Dr. Leslie is an avid supporter and promoter of using food as medicine. She lectures and teaches about the power of food to heal body tissues as well as prevent the most common degenerative diseases.

Her twice - monthly nutritional classes are FREE to the public and cover a wide variety of health topics and the reasons why a balanced whole food diet forms the foundation for healing.

Although people spend millions of dollars on nutritional supplements, most of the public is unaware of the difference between supplements made synthetically in a lab and those made out of whole food. The human body was created to utilize nutrition  from natural food sources only and since compounds like Vitamin C or E or Calcium/Magnesium don't grow on trees. Research is showing that consuming synthetic supplements often does more harm than good.

The reason she offers Standard Process Labs whole food products to her patients is because they are made from REAL FOOD sources from animals and plants. They are produced on a 1,000 acre organic farm in Wisconsin and have been successfully providing those essential nutrients that a normal American diet can't for decades. Please follow the link on this page to their web site for more information about the products.