Purification / Cleanse Program

Read the SP book that comes with your Purification kit from front to back, all the fine print. Use a sharpie pen to write on the supplement bottles how many to take per day.

Decide if you want to give up caffeine and alcohol for a few days to get over the headache/fatigue before you start on the cleanse.

Go grocery shopping for veggies and fruits. Try to buy organic if you can afford it. Essentials for your smoothies using the SP Complete are: bananas, frozen or fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, and melons. I freeze peeled ripe bananas and keep in a baggie in the freezer. Then I can cut them in half and use in each of my smoothies instead of ice. I also fresh squeeze an orange to put in as the liquid but you can use any fresh squeezed juice as your liquid. You can also use water but don’t use refined or pasteurized juices. (bottled or frozen). I also add a bunch of greens, kale or spinach.

Buy dry lentils, any kind. Cook up a big pot; they only take 20-30 minutes to cook. I add one chopped jalapeno pepper and one chopped onion to each pot to increase flavor. Season with sea salt and keep in frig for your two ½ cup servings of lentils you get to eat each day. I found the lentils much more filling than the other choice of one ½ cup of brown rice.

Get either cod liver oil or flax seed liquid (cold-pressed) to put a couple teaspoons of in your smoothies. Keep oils in the refrigerator because they will go rancid at room temperature.

Cook several beets; slip the skins off and store in the frig. Try to eat one/day either warmed up with a little oil sprinkled on top or in your salads. I also like to roast beets in the oven. I cut unpeeled beets into chunks, toss them in olive oil and a little salt, spread them on a baking sheet, and roast for 30 minutes at 375. The peels caramelize and they taste like candy to me.

Make up salad dressing from extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Chop up some garlic, season with fresh herbs, pepper, and sea salt. Store to use on your salads.

Use flavored olive oils on your steamed veggies (1 tsp.) or sprinkle olive oil over sautéed veggies. Try to sauté veggies in water and stir frequently, using the oil sparingly or only after they are cooked.

I gave up and ate ½ avocado per day. They went bad when I only ate ¼ but if you are doing this program with another person you could do the ¼ per day that they recommend. I smashed up the avocado with sea salt, some fresh tomatoe, garlic, and put it on top of my lentils. Very delicious; I looked forward to this each day.

I also made up a giant salad of fresh lettuce and veggies for lunch each day. I used tomato, lots of onions, carrots, broccoli, pea pods, beets, whatever. You can also continue doing this when you get to day 11 and begin eating chicken and fish. You can put the meat on top and have a full meal.

Cole slaw is a filling way to eat veggies. I grated cabbage, carrots, and onions together; mixed with apple cider vinegar and a little olive oil and lots of sea salt and kept in the frig. I would eat it whenever I got hungry and it gets better after marinating a couple days in the frig.

My desert every night before bed was a pomegranate. It’s amazing how delicious it was and the fact that I had to tear it apart and pick out each seed to eat it made it quite a treat. Just be sure to wear a bib and do it somewhere that won’t get stained from the red juice. They are messy……….When not in season, try an apple or grapes as a "sweet" snack.

I also like baked apples. Core out an apple, the juicier ones are best. Stuff butter in the cored out area. Sprinkle with cinammon and or nutmeg. Place in small bowl, then place small bowl in larger bowl with an inch of water in it. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 35-40 minutes. You can cover or leave uncovered. Coconut milk over the top is an extra treat.

You can drink herbal or green tea during the day, except those that stimulate appetite.

I snacked on apples, celery, carrots, pears, grapes, berries, melons, during the day.

You can find affordable organic stuff at Costco if you look and read labels. Once you start day 11, they have the best price on organic chicken and frozen wild salmon.

Continue to take your essential medications but consider decreasing your vitamin supplements. I only took my immune booster vitamins during my cleanse/purification. The 30 pills a day required on the program were enough pills for me.

Since they have to be taken on an empty stomach, I found it easiest to take the third round of supplements right before I went to bed. I didn’t have any side effects.

I only drank 2 smoothies a day and was plenty full, but you can drink 3 on the program. Add 2 scoops of healthy whey protein the first 10 days for energy if you lead an active life. I cut down on my gym workouts the first 10 days of the program because my full work day was all I had energy for.

There is enough SP Complete and Gastro Fiber to continue after the 21 days are over. I recommend it even if you do choose to go back to your old eating habits. So far, no one has chosen to stop eating lentils and veggies after the 21 days. In fact, most people, including me, have stayed on a modified version of the program and continue to reap the benefits. I follow what’s called the “Garden of Eden” food plan. 80% of the time, I’m still on the program and 20% of the time I’m not. That gives me the leeway to dine out, have a little starch, and a few beers.

Remember to check back with me after your 21-day cleanse so we can design a Post Purification Program for you that will fit your needs. Don't add all food groups in at once when you are done; wait until you are tested nutritionally to determine which foods might be hurting you.

By far, the most consistent things I’ve heard from people after their completion of the program is:

More energy and a desire to exercise; no energy slump in the late afternoon.

No more digestive complaints (bowel complaints, reflux, gas, belching, heartburn)

Decreased snoring and sleep apnea

Weight loss (guys have lost 15 to 30 lbs. and gals about 10 lbs.) Sorry ladies….we need more fatty tissue.

Decreased puffiness, water retention, and joint pains.

A new love and taste of their foods and desire to eat more fresh, whole foods and less processed foods.

Improved mood and concentration.

Skin clearing up and new glowing complexion.

Reduced cravings for sugar, starch, and alcohol.